Employment: There are no current job openings.

Internships: The Slocum Foundation hosts interns interested in any of our three pillars of work: research, education and community benefit activities. We currently offer internships to Master's students studying at the University of Oregon in the Department of Planning, Public Policy and Management. Students from out-of-area universities and other local programs have also interned with the Slocum Foundation. Students interested in an undergraduate or graduate internship with the Slocum Foundation should send a resume, cover letter and one writing sample (e.g. college paper) to sref@slocumfoundation.org.

Examples of past internship projects include:

  • Development of a physical literacy curriculum for 1st through 3rd graders in partnership with KidSports (Univeristy of Oregon)
  • Development and execution of a research project examining the outcomes associated with bilateral total knee replacement (Middlebury College, VT)
  • Art and marketing for Foundation projects and Lane Active Youth Consortium events (University of Oregon)
  • Innovation in total joint replacement pre-habilitation program design and implementation (University of Oregon)
  • Activation of gluteal musculature during the clamshell exercise in an unhealthy population (University of Oregon)
  • Effects of subacromial pain on sensory and motor function (University of Oregon)
  • The effect of participation level and sport injury severity and patient-centered outcomes following revision anterior ligament reconstruction in the multicenter ACL revision study (MARS) cohort (Oregon State University)

"Erin Owen creates an exceptional learning environment for students.  She offers projects that integrate theory and practice in a professional setting.  Students receive excellent supervision and feedback. Internships with the Slocum Foundation launch careers!"

-- Rhonda Smith, Internship Director, Department of Planning, Public Policy and Management, University of Oregon

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