Each year, the Foundation's Duck Game Parking Fundraisers help support local schools and athletic programs by generating over $30,000 in proceeds. Due to overwhelming demand, the Foundation conducted a random lottery this year to determine which schools or programs would be offered Duck Game Parking Fundraisers for the 2017 Football season. The following schools were selected:

  • Southern Utah, 9/2/2017: Junction City HS & Churchill HS
  • Nebraska, 9/9/2017: Thurston HS & Springfield HS
  • Cal Berkeley, 9/30/2017: Pleasant Hill HS & Lowell HS
  • Washington State, 10/7/2017: Cottage Grove HS & South Eugene HS
  • Utah, 10/28/2017: Creswell HS & North Eugene HS
  • Arizona, 11/18/2017: Sheldon HS & Willamette HS
  • Oregon State, 11/25/2017: Elmira HS, Crow HS & LifeGate

To be eligible to participate in the lottery, schools must offer high school level education and provide diverse athletic opportunities for students. Please contact Erin at 541.868.3232 or Anna at 541.868.0873 with any questions. Go Ducks!

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