Go Ducks!

The Slocum Foundation's Duck Parking Fundraisers have generated more than $14,000 for local school fitness and athletic programs in only the first three Duck Football home games!  

By raising the parking prices by $10.00 per space this year, the Foundation was able to expand the list of participating schools to rural and South Lane County athletic programs. In addition to high schools in the Eugene and Springfield metropolitan area, fundraisers this year benefit high school athletic programs in Lowell, Elmira, Junction City, Cottage Grove and Pleasant Hill.

Each school designates an athletic team to work and benefit from the Slocum Foundation's Duck Game Parking Events. Proceeds benefit everything from athletic supplies and equipment to capital improvements for fields and venues. The Foundation receives a portion of the proceeds to support the expansion of age-appropriate physical literacy training and education in elementary schools across the Eugene and Springfield community, in partnership with Lane Active Youth Consortium members Healthy Moves and KIDSPORTS.

Consider parking at Slocum for the next Duck Football home game on October 2nd and put your fan dollars work in our community! Each parking space is $30.00. Come early to secure your space.

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